You may have popular, quality print products and your local business may be moving steady. But until you can both sell and print efficiently, your potential return will be greatly limited. To increase your potential return and revenue, it is critical that you generate buzz about your business and start attracting new leads. If you are a print company focused on your local market, it’s important that you focus on attracting new leads that are qualified, or in your local area.

Effective lead generation deserves your time and attention. Your printing business needs to acquire high-quality leads that can be easily converted into actual, paying customers. Without generating new, high-quality leads on a regular basis, it will be impossible to take your printing business to the next level.

Lead generation is crucial to your business’ success and helping scale your revenue. That’s why at Snagaprint, we focus so heavily on helping print companies get more leads. This post will lay out some easy lead generation tools that you can implement in your print company today.


First and Foremost: Define Your Printing Audience


Who are you selling to? You need to ensure that all of your marketing efforts translates into real dollars flowing into your pocket. Effective lead generation requires you knowing exactly who your customer is. When content is shown to the right audience, you have a higher chance of generating new business. If you’re a print shop in Austin, and only plan on selling in your local area, you should focus your marketing efforts only on businesses in that area. Also, you should be using your local-approach to your advantage! Let your customers know that you’re right in their backyard, ready to help them with their printing needs.

Here we go…


#1 – Start a Blog


Starting a blog helps you show your customers that you’re an expert in your field. If you have interesting, helpful content about RGB versus CMYK, new digital printing technologies, or even new paper stocks, you will be seen as a leader in your industry. Blogging helps earn the trust of your customers, and it can be implemented whether you sell nationally or just in your own town. Make sure to blog regularly, but set a schedule that won’t burn you out. Remember, consistency in any marketing effort is key.


How to Generate More Leads for Your Print Business 1


#2 – Social Media Marketing


Social media can be a great tool for generating new leads, but only when done correctly. There are so many different social media marketing tactics to chose from, so it is important to focus your efforts. If you have a blog or other source of content, you can share your blog posts to your social media feeds. Social media is a great way to point leads to your website or landing page. In 2018, Facebook drove 18% of all web traffic to websites, according to Statista. Facebook is a powerful tool for targeting very specific groups of people with custom ads. At Snagaprint, we manage Facebook ads for printing companies to maximize ROI and lead generation. We also offer free audits for businesses already using Facebook ads, where we take a deep dive into every facet of your Facebook marketing strategy and provide you with actionable insights on how you can best improve.


#3 – Landing Page Optimization


Your landing page is where you have the opportunity to give a great first impression to potential customers collect information, like email addresses. It’s extremely important that you optimize your landing page to maximize results. You should have clarity in what you want to accomplish with your landing page. For example, you could prompt visitors to request a quote, choose a product, or join your mailing list.

First, you need to optimize your headline. Your headline should effectively communicate what your business does in an easy way that captures your audience’s attention. One way you can maximize results is to be more specific. For a print company, instead of simple headline like “Marketing Materials and Promotional Products Printing Services,” you could use “Print Services for Businesses in ________.” The idea here is to connect with your target customer immediately. If you’re a local print company, it’s a good idea to highlight where you do business. This will help you capture attention and improve your website’s SEO.

Your landing page, which may be your website’s home page, should include helpful images or videos to showcase your products and services to the world. Images and videos from your print shop can help catch the attention of your website’s visitors and increase lead generation. If you need professional photography services, we can help you out with that. Keep in mind that you don’t want your website’s content to decrease page load time. Long page load times can turn away visitors and hinder your lead generation.

Most importantly, your landing page should include an attractive and relevant call-to-action, or CTA, that is easily identifiable. For example, you could have a central button on your page that says “Start Printing” or “Request a Quote.” Both of these examples are asking visitors to take an action that will convert them into leads.


#4 – Ask for Reviews


Online reviews are a great tool for building trust with potential customers. According to BrightLocal, as many as 97% of people search for local businesses online, and 73% of consumers trust a business if they have read positive reviews online. Also, 68% of customers surveyed were willing to write a review for a business if asked. Increasing positive online reviews of your business on Google, Yelp, or TrustPilot can help boost your company’s brand image and build trust that can improve lead generation.


#5 – Influencer Marketing


To be effective with influencer marketing in the print industry, you have to get creative. Paying an Instagram influencer to flash your business cards might win the affection of your teenage nephew, but it’s unlikely that will lead to a significant ROI. However, when connected to the right person, influencer marketing can be an effective, worthwhile marketing avenue for printers to pursue. For example, who in your local business community has a large social influence? They could even be one of your regular customers. You could offer them discounted print services in exchange for sharing positive messages about your company on their LinkedIn feed.

“If you’re a business owner in _______, you have got to give XYZ PRINT a try.” A positive message from a trustworthy influencer who is connected to your target audience could help you generate brand recognition and new leads.


#6 – Live Chat for Your Website


With today’s tool, live chat functionality has become is a simple way to increase lead generation and easily be available to answer customer questions. Instead of calling in to your shop or messaging your support email, your website visitors can easily message you to find out more about what you have to offer. With software tools like Drift, you can even have the messages sent directly to your phone for easy, fast management. Conversational marketing is a new, growing marketing channel that can help generate more leads for your print business. When website visitors chat with your customer service representative, you can collect their email for a follow-up.

When we build custom websites for print companies, we always include live chat functionality powered by Drift. Including live chat on your website is like building a second net for leads to fall into. It’s a no-brainer!


#7 – Supercharge Your Mailing List


A newsletter or mailing list for your print shop is a great way to make sure you stay in the minds of your customers and have a constant supply of warm leads. You can share interesting articles, local events, or exclusive coupons to keep your audience engaged. Make your customers and subscribers feel like royalty with new product information and helpful tips. Focus on providing value to your subscribers, rather than just attempting to generate a few sales. Providing valuable content will help keep your customers returning far into the future, and a personal touch will keep them from printing with a large, online printer. Supercharging your mailing list will help you increase customer loyalty and generate more leads through referrals and organic growth.


How to Generate More Leads for Your Print Business 2


#8 – Search Engine Marketing


Both search engine optimization and search engine marketing are powerful tools for generating more leads for your print business; however, search engine marketing, through Google AdWords, can work much faster to start generating sales for your business today. Google pay-per-click (PPC) advertising works fantastically for businesses in the print industry because potential customers are searching for print products online with a high intent to buy every single day. PPC is the most popular form of online advertising. And for good reason, too: it’s the most profitable. With Google Search Ads’ PPC campaigns you can target users who are already looking for a solution to their problems on Google. That’s where you swoop in and save the day. Over the years, however, PPC campaigns have become increasingly more complex. Running effective PPC campaigns now requires a considerable amount of skill and technical knowledge.

Snagaprint can help you optimize your search engine marketing. If you’re already running Google ads, we offer complimentary Google Ads Audits. Our team will take a deep dive into every facet of your search marketing from your bidding strategies, account structure, targeting methods, ad copy, to your landing pages and sales funnel. We’ll provide you with actionable insights at every step of the way, which are yours to keep, 100% free of charge. We offer this because we’re confident we can bring you value immediately, even before day 1, and we’re here to prove it.




Lead generation is essential to driving revenue and taking your print business to the next level. Using the lead generation tools we’ve presented in this post will help you take the necessary steps to increasing your revenue. If you’d like to learn more about Snagaprint’s digital marketing and lead generation tools for print companies, from custom websites to online ad management, message us via live chat or click here to schedule a free consultation.